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Saturday, August 16, 2014

GIVEAWAY : Celadon Road

Hello!!  I haven't been doing many tutorials and photo freebies lately due to a very busy schedule but I wanted to announce a giveaway with my new business page, Celadon Road!  We have organic beauty supplies, baby care products, kids games, all-natural cleaning products, and more!

I'm giving away 2 products for you to try over on my Facebook page so, check it out!!  $18 value!  Hope to see you there!  If you'd like to throw a virtual party for your friends, just let me know!  We have great hostess gifts!!

Have an awesome day!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

{ be back soon } photo shares

good afternoon!  i didn't want you to think i completely fell off the earth!  i only moved one state over.. but, boy has it been a transition.  you should ask my friends.. their e-mails are going unanswered for longer than i would hope.  we're still not settled into a new home so, we're sort of here and there at the moment.  also, i don't know what direction i'd like this site to go.  i was so happy to share my actions with you and will continue to do so.  what i'm not sure about is the shares from other photographers/vendors.  i have zero interest in approaching people to ask them to give things away.  i feel like i'm cold-calling people in a salesman type manner and, i don't enjoy that at all.  i am not getting any money (except for the very kind donation that i received today.  wow, that made my day!  it was unexpected.. thank you very much!  you are so very kind!) from doing this, it was just something to do to give back after "taking" so much from other photographers over the years (mostly on ILP).  i have taken all ads off of the site because i want this just be what it is... a free share site.  i don't like it when people assume that i'm advertising my photo business through this site or they think i'm sharing links to my site for monetary gain.  i don't advertise in my own town (i only take a few photo shoots a month while my girls are at home with me.  i'd be pulling my hair out if i tried to run a full time business and raise a 2 and 4 year old!!  ya know?) and, i certainly have no interest in advertising online.  so, ads are removed... it's just me and, my shares for now.  we'll see if it takes a different turn in the future.  in the meantime, thanks for listening and thanks for stopping by.  i hope to return soon with some sort of share for you!  i'll leave an open call and let people come to me (haha).. if you want to give something away, write me an e-mail, i'd be happy to host a giveaway!

have a great day!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

{ my apologies } template share site

hello!!!  i'm so sorry that I haven't posted this week.  we just put our house on the market and, we've had an amazing 11 showings in 6 days.  we've been sent out of our house morning, day and night!  once this settles down a bit, i'm hoping to have some great tutorials, shares and giveaways for you next week!  hold tight... i'll be back soon!  i hope the house sells fast for us.. then we can move and settle in at the beach!

Friday, March 12, 2010

{ Nichole Van WINNER!!! } Photography Giveaways

Good Morning everyone!  It's early.. and, i'm up so, I thought i'd announce the winner.  I guess it pays to be early... the winner of this giveaway was seriously.... actually.... really #1!!

ha!  The winner is:

{ jeanine }


congratulations, jeanine!  write me at to get info on how to claim the $50 gift certificate from Nichole Van!  and, while i have you.. a pic of my little ones having a bit of fun!  have a great day!

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

{ Nichole Van : Action GIVEAWAY!!! } Photography Actions Presets Brushes

Good Morning!  Is the weather beautiful where you are??  It is here, and it's making me smile!!!  I welcome you, spring weather!!  It's not only the weather that is making me smile this morning... we have an amazing giveaway today.  Nichole Van of Flourish: An Empoirum for Photographers is giving away $50 (!!!!) to spend in her shop!  WOW!  I'm jealous that I can't enter in my own contest.. haha!  She is an amazing photographer and teacher.  Check out her blog to see what i mean. 

Right now, i'm loving her ethereal actions and textures.. check out a sample below:

... dreamy, huh?  love that veiled vintage + texture.. ahhh....

SO, here are the details on how to win!

To enter:

1.  Go visit the Nichole Van Flourish website.  Come back here and leave a comment telling me what you'd purchase if you won the $50 giveaway!

2.  Become her fan on Facebook 
(while you are there, why not become a fan of Erin Leigh so you can keep up with giveaways and get notification of the WINNERS!!)

3.  Twitter about the giveaway OR, post something about it on your Facebook page

* max of 3 entries per person *

(Important: I will select the winner via Random so, you MUST leave a comment for each thing you do to increase your chances of winning)

The contest runs until Thursday, March 11th (very, very late at night) and the winners will be selected and posted on Friday, March 12th :)  Thanks for visiting Erin Leigh Shares!

Friday, March 5, 2010

{ q & a : Gina Miller Photography } photographer q&a

Today, we welcome Gina Miller of Gina Miller Photography!  I came across her work one day after visiting the Design Aglow blog.  She had made these incredible gifts for her clients... awe inspiring, time consuming, thoughtful gifts.  check them out HERE.  well, after looking over these beauties for a while, i began looking at her entire site and blog... wow!  she's incredible!  She captures emotion that you typically catch every once in a while.. she manages to find and *snap* it in every session.  It's wonderful and, beautiful.. and, inspiring.  To learn more about Gina Miller {in her own words}... read on...

{ q & a }

How long have you loved taking photos?  Is it a love you've had since you were little or something that you've learned to love over time?

I have always loved taking photos. I have albums and albums and shoe boxes full of photos that I took in high school and college. But it wasn't until I had my daughter that I became obsessed with remembering every little thing, and I'm glad I did! They grow fast (she turned 7 yesterday!!)


What is your favorite lens?

I equally love my 85mm 1.2 and my 24mm 1.4 ... they are two very different lenses, and i love the look and feel you can get from both.


I love how you share personal stories on your blog.  Have you always done this?  Or, has it grown over time as you've created relationships with your clients?

I have always done this ... I think most clients that come to me feel like they know my kids! 


Is it hard balancing life as a full-time mom and, a photographer?

It's very hard running a business and being a parent! I feel like it's especially hard running your business from your home. My work is always staring me in my face, if I walk by the computer, it's very tempting to check email or work on "just one thing" ..... one day, I hope to have my work area out of my home.  But for now, it works, and I am very fortunate that I've been able to have a flexible schedule with my kids. I'm here most days when the kids get off the bus, and my son is here with me several days during the week still! This was a goal of mine from the moment they arrived, and I've made it work. However, I often work after they go to bed, so there are some late nights involved.  But it is all worth it in my eyes.  

Without knowing you, it appears that every child on your blog is your own!  You capture them in a way so their spirit shines through.. like you've known them for a very long time.  How are you able to "know" your little clients in such a short period of time?

I try to communicate with them as I do with my own kids. You have to feel  a little person out ... if they're shy, you can't be too aggressive.  If they're wild, you can't make them sit and get angry if they don't! I just play them out and if need be, have mom or dad interact.  Also, I have lots of repeat clients. So, many of the little ones have gotten used to seeing me, and they are excited to tell me what they've been up to, show me things, etc.


I must ask --- have you always had a thing for ladybugs?  I love the way you've incorporated them into your site in such a playful way!

I have not! But I like how it turned out. I decided I wanted to re-brand : new logo, new feel. I'm very fortunate that my best friend is a fantastic graphic designer, and I often think we have the same brain waves ... we got together and I gave her some ideas. I mentioned a ladybug. I had no clue how it would turn out, I remembered a photo I had taken of my daughter when she was about 2 holding a ladybug, it's always been one of my favorites and it was one of my signature photos when I first started GMP.  So after we looked at a few designs she put together, that one stood out the most. It's so cool to see how the website and blog designer took it and animated it.  I love it!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I would love to have expanded my client base, and I would love to have a studio or work area outside of my home!! I am interested in possibly getting into commercial work, but it is something that i have yet to pursue.  Also, some employees would be great ... :)  


well, after reading those answers, i fell just a little bit more in love with Gina Miller... how about you?
thank you so much for stopping by!  while you are here.. why not click this link and become a fan of Gina on facebook!

{ Melissa Davis Design WINNER!!! } Photography Templates, Cards, Announcements

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!!!  It was great watching the comments roll in.  I know Melissa appreciated all the new fans over on Facebook... she's almost up to 1,000!  And, she deserves it!  Her work is fantastic.  I just bought her 10x10 Family Album (yesterday) and, am so impressed!  I can't wait to make one :)  OH!!!  Let me stop rambling and get on with announcing the winner!!  The winner is.....

{ lacey } 

of Lacey Reimann Photography... go check out her blog.. her work is lovely!

Congrats Lacey!  Please write me at to claim your $30 gc to Melissa Davis Designs.  Hope you are able to do something wonderful with your purchases!

And, here is the lovely Random stamp... 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Come back to visit us soon!  We have a Q&A planned in the next few days and a giveaway with NICHOLE VAN!!!