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Thursday, February 25, 2010

{ Tip of the Day - Are you underexposing your photos?? } Photography Tips and Tutorials

{Tip of the Day}  This tip changed the way I exposed my photographs from the moment that I learned it.  So, pay attention... it's a super simple concept but, it took me a while to learn that I was thinking about it all wrong.  I used to try to expose my photos so that the line on my light meter lined up right in the center.  It's how i'd always taken pictures!  When I used to take pics with my old-school Pentax film camera, i made sure my light meter was centered and then took the shot.  I thought that was the "right" way.  I would post photos over at ILP and everyone kept saying that my pictures were underexposed.  Ugh!  It was so frustrating!  I felt that I was doing everything right.  Well, at one point someone let me know that you have to expose 2-stops to the right.. simply put, let the little mark line up with the notch 2 lines to the right of the center (this is especially true w/ Canons.. or, so i've been told).  I would have thought this would have blown my whites or overexposed the picture.... nope!  not true!  I've never gone back.  This tip has nothing to do with HOW you meter, etc... it's just a simple tip worth trying out.  Maybe you realized this a long time ago.. but, if you are underexposing your images and making the same mistake I was.. give this a try!  It doesn't hurt... you can't do it wrong.  If it doesn't work for you, don't do it again - if it does... keep doing it!  enjoy!


  1. I learned the same thing after working with my Photovision Target. I found that I would always have to over expose by 2/3 stop...gosh Erin...where was this tip when I needed it. GREAT TIP!! Keep them coming!

  2. Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Tutorials category today (look for timestamp: [26 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

  3. I'm so bummed. I hope it wasn't me you were trying to contact. Crazy week.. Anyways what would you call those squares you made in that template? Ok I have a nikon and when you are saying to the right, mine to the right is making it go darker??

  4. Hey Shalee - It wasn't you I was trying to reach.. but, hopefully you win the next one! We have some nice giveaways coming up!! As for the squares, do you mean the shapes in the template made by Design Aglow? Or, something that I did? Let me know and i'll try to answer. As for the Nikon, I'm not sure how Nikon Camera's work but, basically i mean to overexpose the photo by 2/3 a stop. SO, if center is 0 then, you want to turn it whatever direction will "overexpose" the image. Maybe someone who owns a nikon will chime in and help us! That would be wonderful :)

  5. Yes, I'm pretty sure to overexpose on Nikon is to move the line over to the left (+ on left, - on right).

    Thanks so much for this tip. I'm always trying to make the line in the center but then when I open in raw, I constantly have to up the exposure. Duh. I should just do it in camera. :)