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Sunday, June 13, 2010

{ be back soon } photo shares

good afternoon!  i didn't want you to think i completely fell off the earth!  i only moved one state over.. but, boy has it been a transition.  you should ask my friends.. their e-mails are going unanswered for longer than i would hope.  we're still not settled into a new home so, we're sort of here and there at the moment.  also, i don't know what direction i'd like this site to go.  i was so happy to share my actions with you and will continue to do so.  what i'm not sure about is the shares from other photographers/vendors.  i have zero interest in approaching people to ask them to give things away.  i feel like i'm cold-calling people in a salesman type manner and, i don't enjoy that at all.  i am not getting any money (except for the very kind donation that i received today.  wow, that made my day!  it was unexpected.. thank you very much!  you are so very kind!) from doing this, it was just something to do to give back after "taking" so much from other photographers over the years (mostly on ILP).  i have taken all ads off of the site because i want this just be what it is... a free share site.  i don't like it when people assume that i'm advertising my photo business through this site or they think i'm sharing links to my site for monetary gain.  i don't advertise in my own town (i only take a few photo shoots a month while my girls are at home with me.  i'd be pulling my hair out if i tried to run a full time business and raise a 2 and 4 year old!!  ya know?) and, i certainly have no interest in advertising online.  so, ads are removed... it's just me and, my shares for now.  we'll see if it takes a different turn in the future.  in the meantime, thanks for listening and thanks for stopping by.  i hope to return soon with some sort of share for you!  i'll leave an open call and let people come to me (haha).. if you want to give something away, write me an e-mail, i'd be happy to host a giveaway!

have a great day!